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Brompton Ralph Village Hall

Meeting Minutes Tues January 22nd 2013.

Present: -  Mrs P Richards, Miss H Scott, Mr D Cleeve, Mrs S Cleeve, Mrs N Gammon, Mr K Canney, Mr P Clarke.

Apologies for absence: -

Mrs V Martindill, Mrs K Smith, Mrs R Ettery.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

Matters Arising: -

Mark Clayton will not be producing enough energy to supply the hall.

A concrete base for the hall extension will be laid in the Spring.

The windows will be painted in the summer.

A lorry has been turning in the hall car park.  It has been seen to be the rubbish collection and they have been asked not to collect unless we put rubbish out at the bottom of the drive.

A new type of form has been received from WSDC about the 100 club which we need to fill out and return.

Events: -

The Pancake Race on 12th February will be held at Brompton Ralph.

A fun skittles evening will be held on 7th February at the Cricket Club.

A quiz will be held on Friday 3rd May


30 new chairs without arms have been ordered at £15.70 each.


Next meeting: AGM on Tuesday 30th April 2013. Brompton Ralph Village Hall.

Signature: -