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Brompton Ralph Village Hall

Meeting Minutes Tuesday 24th January  2012

Present: -  Miss H Scott, Mr P Clarke, Mr J Sawyer,  Mrs R  Ettery, Mr K Canney, Mrs N Gammon, Mrs P Richards, Miss E Stringer and Mr & Mrs D Cleeve

Apologies for absence: -

 Mrs K Smith & Mrs V Martindill

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

Matters Arising: -

The committee agreed for Mr D Cleeve to get prices of chippings to lay around most of the Car Park and possibly have the use of a digger to clear the area.

A dishwasher has been donated to the hall.

The November Bingo made £163.

Xmas Whist £128.31, Jan Whist £78.80.

Xmas Review £1200.00.

A donation of £750.00 has been received from Barclays Bank. Thanks to Mr & Mrs P Clarke for getting this.

Events: -

Pancake races Tues 21st February at Clatworthy.

Table Top sale, Easter Craft etc will be held on Sat 31st March.

Quiz on Friday 4th May.


It was suggested that we create a Web Site/Email account for the Hall. Mr P Clarke will do this.


Next meeting: Tuesday 24th April 2012, Brompton Ralph Village Hall.

Signature: -