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Brompton Ralph Village Hall

Meeting Minutes Tuesday 19th July 2011

Present: - Mrs N Gammon, Mr & Mrs D Cleeve,  Miss H Scott, Mrs K Smith, Mrs R Ettery and Ms Emily Stringer.

Apologies for absence: - Mr K  Canney and Mrs V Martindill

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

Matters Arising: -

Two new committee members have agreed to come onto the hall committee. Emily Stringer and Penny Richards. Emily was welcomed to the meeting.

A new insurance quote has been agreed of £236 in place of the original quote of £400, provided that we sign up for 5 years.

Events: -

Whist Drives 4th Monday of each month. 50/50 sale, Friday 16 September. Karen Smith and Hazel Scott will organise this. Bingo November 4th. Xmas review Dec 13/14/15th.


Hire charges for the hall have been raised to £7 per hour.

Hallmark 2 has been applied for.


Next meeting: Tuesday 25th October 2011, Brompton Ralph Village Hall.

Signature: -