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Brompton Ralph Village Hall

Meeting Minutes Tuesday 18th January 2011

Present: - Mrs V Martindill, Mrs N Gammon, Mr & Mrs D & S Cleeve,  Miss H Scott, Mrs K Smith, Mr J Sawyer and Mr K Canney.

Apologies for absence: - Mrs R Ettery & Mrs M Canney.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

Matters Arising: -

The Hallmark 1 certificate has been received.

A new electric kettle has been purchased.

The planning application for the hall extension has been renewed for another 3 years.

A new Pat test will be organised shortly. This will be carried out be either Chris Welsher or John Grace.

Accounts: -

It was agreed to discuss raising hire charges at the AGM in April 2011.

Events: -

Pancake races will be held in Brompton Ralph on Tuesday 8th March.

Monthly Whist Drive.

Quiz on May 6th.

It was thought that it maybe a good idea to send fliers around the village to find out what events people would be interested in.


The Fire Extinguishers will be checked on Sat January 22nd.

Mr Magnus Mowat came into the meeting at 8:30pm to suggest that Hazel Scott should be presented with a High Sheriffs Award on Monday 14th March for her help with various village events.


Next meeting: Tuesday 26th April 2011, Brompton Ralph Village Hall. Normal meeting followed by AGM.

Signature: -