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Environmental Policy

The Trustees  recognise that our activities, and those of our users, impact upon the environment. Consequently, we embrace the principles of sustainable living and are committed to environmental improvement and pollution prevention. We undertake to comply with environmental laws and seek to promote sound environmental practice in our activities.


Ensure compliance with relevant regulatory requirements

Promote awareness of our environmental policy to users

Minimise waste through reuse and recycling

Minimise energy and water consumption and promote the efficient use of resources

Minimise and Conserve

We will make every effort to reduce the resources we consume, including energy and water, and minimise the amount of waste we produce.

Recycle and Reuse

Where practicable and affordable, we will reuse materials, recycle waste and procure recycled products.

Measure and Monitor

The Trustees will review this policy annually.

Inform and Communicate

We will make our Environmental Policy publicly available and will promote recycling and reuse through the Terms and Conditions of our Hall Hire.