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Brompton Ralph Village Hall

 AGM  Minutes Tues April 28th 2015

Present: - Mrs K Smith, Miss H Scott, Mr D Cleeve, Mrs S Cleeve, Mrs N Gammon,

Mr R Henderson, Mrs P Richards, Mr & Mrs P Clarke. Mrs R Ettery.


 Mrs V Martindill,

The minutes of the last AGM dated April 29th 2014 were read and signed.

Chairman's Report

The Village Hall has had a busy year. The monthly whist drives have been well attended.

WI meetings are also held monthly. The bingo, skittles and quiz evenings were a great    success.

In September a WW1 commemorative evening  was produced after many weeks of hard work.  The Christmas Revue ran for three nights and was a sell out.

The hall is also used by the PCC for meetings and special celebrations. Also by the PC for meetings. There has also been several private functions.

In July we had the windows re-glazed, also  a new stage door fitted.

The   old  guttering has all been replaced with larger 6 inch PVC guttering.

We have purchased six tables.

In the coming year we hope to deal with the damp problem at the  end of the hall

by damp proofing and redecorating.

We would like to replace the old stage with one which is much  easier to store and erect.

Also improve the lighting system.

Thanks to the Secretary Treasurer and committee members for all their support over the

past year.

We look forward to another successful busy year.  


Mrs T Clarke, Treasurer, presented the accounts which which had been checked by Mr Magnus Mowat.

In total the accounts stand at around £7000.


The 2015-16 Committee will be:-

Trisha Clarke

Paul Clarke

Bob Henderson

Representative Members:-

PCC   Derek Cleeve

W.I.   Verity Martindill

Cricket Club  Ruby Ettery

Parish Council  Hazel Scott

Village Hall  Sheila Cleeve

Flower Show   Nora Gammon

Date of next AGM:-

April 2016.