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Brompton Ralph Village Hall

Meeting Minutes Tues January 20th 2015

Present: -

Paul & Trisha Clarke, Derek & Sheila Cleeve, Hazel Scott, Nora Gammon, Ruby Ettery, Bob Henderson and Penny Richards.

John Marshall also attended as a public member.

Apologies for absence: -

Verity Martindill

Minutes of the last meeting:-

The minutes  of the last meeting were read and signed .

Matters arising:-

The new bench will be installed on the Village Green in the Spring.

The Committee were not happy with a letter received from The Parish Council in connection with the discussion about the Hall's application for the £1000 Section 106 money which took place at their recent meeting.  Paul Clarke, Bob Henderson & Derek Cleeve will draft a letter to be sent back to the Council.

The New Years Eve Party made a profit of £58.

Paul Clarke has obtained an estimate for removing the plaster, injecting a damp course and replastering the walls around the stage for the amount of £1450.  He will obtain a second quote for comparison.

Social Events:-

The Shrove Tuesday pancake races will be held at Brompton Ralph this year.

Monthly Whist    Hazel Scott

Boules will be April or May with teams of three and will be organised by Bob Henderson.

The Quiz will be in Sept or October and will be organised by Verity & Cliff Martindill.


The fire extinguisher in the Cabin was faulty and has been replaced free of charge.

Paul Clarke has been looking at replacement stages and they are around £3-4k

Lyn Mowat has donated 40 wine glasses to the Hall.

Iain Sherring will give a donation for the old green folding chairs.

Sheila & Derek Cleeve will organise the purchase of six new GoPak folding tables in conjunction with the Flower Show Committee.

Derek Cleeve suggested a cleaning rota be organised and has volunteered to do it.


Next meeting: Tuesday 2nd April 2015.  Brompton Ralph Village Hall.

Signature: -