Brompton Ralph Drama

Brompton Ralph does not have an official drama group, but rather a team of volunteers who initially got together to raise money for the church and village hall by staging a Christmas concert. This proved so successful that a theatrical event has now become an annual feature. Some of the original cast have “retired”, pleading advancing age, failing memory or stage fright, but eager new participants have filled the ranks. All who are willing are accommodated – auditions are a no-no until we embark on Shakespeare, which may happen in the 4th millennium. As the confidence and ability of performers and technicians increases, the scope of our endeavour widens, as a roll call of productions shows:

2004: A Christmas concert, including a home grown Greek tragedy, musical numbers and sketches selected by the performers

2005: A look back at the WW2 era, with a radio studio as the setting

2006: The ‘60s, with performers dropping into the local coffee bar

2007: A music hall, including a short melodrama. A vintage fashion show in the summer was also a great success

2008: Brompton Ralph Zoo – our first step outside our comfort zone. The cast discovered their inner animal and haven’t looked back. Also our first experiment with an original script, bar the well-known musical numbers.

2009: The Brompton Ralph Space Program – local farmers sent a sheep into space. Of course, the grants were a help.

2010: A family Christmas party – but not your usual family…

2011: The Brompton Ralph Olympics – a tale of triumph and disaster for some rather unfit athletes. Our first experiment with some original music too.

2012: After an opening cast protest concerning over use of The Can-Can we were forced to rerun the 'original' village revue which took place in the dark ages!

2013: Brompton Ralph set off on a twinning mission to the foothills of the Himalayas where the village of Brahmal Potra was eagerly awaiting them  but not everything goes to plan!

2014: Rumour spreads through the village that the next James Bond film is due to be set in the area and everyone gets involved or are they just imagining it?

Our audiences now look forward to the Christmas Revue as a fixture in the village year, and its fame is spreading. We attempt to build on our previous success, and increasingly ask more of our participants, who generally thrive on the experience. If you would like to unleash your inner thespian, or are a dab hand with needle and thread, wood and nails or brush and paint, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

Verity Martindill: 01984 623454

Paul and Trish Clarke (technical and backstage): 01984 629141