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Brompton Ralph Village Hall

Meeting Minutes Tues October 15th 2013.

Present: - Mrs K Smith, Miss H Scott, Mr D Cleeve, Mrs S Cleeve, Mrs N Gammon,

 Mrs V Martindill, Mr P Clarke.

Apologies for absence: -

Mr R Henderson, Mrs P Richards, Mrs R Ettery.

The Chairman remembered Mr Ken Canney who had sadly passed away

since the last meeting.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

Matters Arising: -

A new portable building has been purchased and installed.  This will be used for small meetings and there was some discussion as to whether it should be used for storage as it is much better inside than was expected.

Estimates for connecting up the electrics have been received from Mr John Grace and Mr Chris Welcher.  It was agreed that Mr John Grace would be asked to do the work.

Prices for garden sheds will be sought as possible storage for the tables and chairs.

Mr Paul Clarke will measure up and get new curtains for the Hall and Cabin and new blinds for the kitchen.

Events: -

Christmas Whist Drive November 25th.

A fun skittles evening will be held on October 31st at the Cricket Club.

Bingo on November 13th.

The Christmas Revue will be on December 12th, 13th & 14th.


It was agreed to remove the bench seat under the Mural but leave the panelled back.

The windows need painting but will have to be done in the Spring.


Next meeting: Tuesday January 28th . Brompton Ralph Village Hall.

Signature: -